ATMs in the Community

Euronet Worldwide established its ATMs in the Community program in 2020 with the goal of providing access to cash for people who live far from large urban centers.

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Advertising on Euronet ATMs

ATM advertisements enable direct marketing in a new and exciting way. Euronet has thousands of visible ATMs in areas with high usability and pedestrian traffic, providing advertisers with effective digital and physical options for promoting their products and services.

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Use BLIK in-app functions at Euronet ATMs

FinTech and digital banking solutions can utilize Euronet’s physical assets (ATMs and POS) through the reach of the company’s worldwide network and accessibility of the Digital Integrated Payments Cloud. One example is BLIK, an in-app mobile payment method offered by the majority of banks in Poland.

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Streamline Money Center Operations

Many modern grocery retailers have expanded beyond food and beverage to include a money service category including bill payments, money transfers, money orders, mobile phone top ups, check cashing and other financial services. These services are often offered at a designated money services center near the front of the store.

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Offer Cardless Cash Payouts at ATMs

As consumers, we want easy access to cash with improved security but without barriers or extra steps to complete a transaction. Cardless transactions meet these goals and drive the ATM customer experience to the next level of convenience using mobile devices as primary touch points to enable and accelerate the connected commerce experience.

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Transfer Money from App to ATM

Euronet and Ria Money Transfer, a Euronet company, launched a new service that enables customers to send money from any of Euronet’s 7,600 ATMs in Poland to more than 20,000 dedicated Ria locations across Ukraine using the myRia app.

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Accept Digital & Alternative Payments

Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, Alipay, digital wallets, and online payment services have grown in popularity with consumers in recent years. While the user adoption rate has been rapid, the acceptance by many merchants has been much slower because of the expense and complexity of integrating them with existing systems.

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Validate Paper Coupons in Real Time

Merchants in the United Kingdom and Ireland have a better option than sorting through hundreds of paper coupons and waiting for reimbursements from manufacturers each month. Through a solution provided by epay, a division of Euronet Worldwide, merchants in the two countries can now validate, redeem, and settle the coupons with a scan.

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Modernize While Minimizing Risk

Evolving payment trends are rapidly disrupting and reshaping the payments landscape. As financial institutions address new opportunities, the complexity of incorporating new and innovative services has soared. What was once a reasonably simple process has become an enormous task that, in many cases, adds significant cost — in development hours and time-to-market.

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